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Group Sessions @ Quora

Spent my summer at Quora designing, building, & launching Group Sessions, a way for multiple domain hosts to source and answer the best questions.

We launched our first Group Session with Hillary Clinton & Tim Kaine and got a lot of press over it.


Ballot is a mobile platform meant to help people vote in Congress. It works by giving users a feed of bills based on their interests and the ability to actually vote on those bills, which we then relay back to their representatives. We launced on iOS.

Ballot won 1st Place at Startup Weekend, was a finalist and Mr. Robot winner at RECESS, was a finalist in The Startup, and has gotten the support of thousands of from people across the US.

Startup High School

Startup High School's (SHS) goal is to empower high school students in and around Detroit to work on community projects and work on interesting things outside of classrooms.

I was the Director of SHS from 2015-2016, running a team of 3 people and working with our umbrella organization MPowered. We raised $20K this year from some awesome sponsors, including the Kellogg Foundation, TCF, and UMich CoE, to help high school students build great things.


Spent my summer at Forcepoint migrating and designing the new blogs website and helped transition to current design standards

I also worked on some projects focused on analytics and user experience - specifically how we internally share data results, communicate, and build ROI caluclators.


Built a web scheduler for our UMich including features such as maps, professor ratings, and visual guides. Built using Python and Flask for the backend & HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Jinja for the front-end. Check it out.