Emmad Mazhari

Pushing pixels, mixtapes, & game theory.


Helping teach design, UMich

Building and Creating, Ballot

Keeping Congress Accountable, Megaphone

Wasting time, Twitter


Product Design Intern, Quora

Product Intern, Forcepoint

Director, MPowered

Helping people vote, On My Ballot





I'm a student at the University of Michigan studying Econ, CS, Design, & everything in between. I'm really interested in mechanics design and how artificial systems & frameworks we create can influence people and their decision making, particularly in physical spaces.

Also a huge fan of hip-hop, paricularly Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, & Frank Ocean, and the way they tackle complex social issues through their narratives.

Other things I like: coffee, books, social justice, interior design, game theory, NASA, fashion design, dogs (non-exhaustive)

Sometimes I write about things I feel strongly about. Here are some of my favorites:

You can find most of my other writing on Quora or Medium.

Group Sessions @ Quora (Design & Launch) - a way for multiple domain experts to source and answer the best questions and answer them together, with the first one hosted by Hillary Clinton & Time Kaine

Ballot (Design, Dev, & Launch) - a platform to help people vote in Congress by sourcing a feed of bills based on their interests and the ability to vote on bills, which is then relayed back to their representatives.

Startup High School (Director 2015-2016) - taught in high schools around Detroit and helped start & encouraged local efforts run by students. Raised 20K to fund student projects in and around Detroit

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